A delicious beer honoring women in the brewing industry has been released by the Guinness US brewery and we can't wait to try it

A new beer was tapped last April at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and each pint sold helps to support women in the beer industry. 

Guinness Saison Blanc was brewed on March 8, International Women's Day, by the women of the Guinness Open Gate team. 

This new brew features white wine and pear flavors from the addition of 54 gallons of Sauvignon Blanc grape must, which is the crushed grapes and their juice.

In other words, it's the perfect beer for spring and summer. 

Better still,  50% of the proceeds from each pint sold in the Guinness US taproom go to Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit which supports education for women in the beer industry.

The Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House opened last August and it is the first Guinness brewery on US soil in 64 years. They're spreading the love for classic Guinness favorites and experimenting with some deeply exciting new brews. 

If Saison isn't totally your style, the Open Gate Brewery has many other options on tap right now. From Dublin, they, of course, have the classic Guinness Draught as well as Harp Lager, and bottled versions of Guinness' Foreign and Extra Stouts. 

The Core Baltimore Brews on tap are Guinness Blonde, Guinness IPA, Guinness Milk Stout, and Guinness White Ale, while the unreally delicious-sounding list of Experimental Baltimore Brews features Rye Stout, Irish Breakfast Amber, Black Currant Stout, Tart Cascara Ale, Nitro Coffee Stout, Two-Seven IPA, Imperial Stout, Batch 62 IPA, Dry Hopped Kolsch, and Garnet Ale. 

We especially love the references to Irish favorite traditions such as Irish breakfast and black currant beverages! 

Want to plan your trip to the Guinness US Brewery? Check out our easy guide. 

* Originally published on April 6, 2019.