Popular magazine Good Housekeeping has revealed the top 80 Irish baby girl names for 2020, including the top 25 most popular names for baby girls in Ireland at present. 

The list includes popular names on both sides of the Atlantic and unveils the most popular, trendiest, and most unusual Irish baby girl names of the last 12 months.

Good Housekeeping drew on Central Statistics Office (CSO) data to reveal the top 25 most popular baby names for girls in Ireland in 2020, with Grace topping the list. 

The Irish name Fiadh - meaning deer, wildness, and respect - was the second-most popular girl's name in 2020, while Emily, Sophie, and Ava made up the top five. 

The CSO's top 25 Irish baby girl names for 2020 is included below

1. Grace
2. Fiadh
3. Emily
4. Sophie
5. Ava
6. Amelia
7. Ella
8. Hannah
9. Lucy
10. Mia
11. Olivia
12. Lily
13. Ellie
14. Emma
15. Anna
16. Éabha
17. Chloe
18. Sophia
19. Molly
20. Saoirse
21. Sadie
22. Evie
23. Kate
24. Aoife
25. Freya

Popular Irish baby names in America 

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), Harper was the most popular baby girl name with an Irish origin in America last year. The name, which is commonly a surname in Ireland but has developed into a first name in the United States, was the tenth most popular overall baby girl name in America in 2020. 

Here are the SSA's 11 most popular Irish baby girl names (featuring three variations of the name Riley)

1. Harper
2. Nora
3. Riley
4. Kennedy
5. Hailey
6. Quinn
7. Rylee
8. Reagan
9. Ryleigh
10. Maeve
11. Molly

Increasingly popular Irish girl names in America

The SSA has also compiled a list of baby names that have been growing in popularity and ranked Haisley as the fastest-growing Irish name. Meaning "hazel woods", the name jumped 382 places between 2019 and 2020. 

Also growing in popularity in 2020 was the Irish name Murphy, which jumped 327 places. Like Harper, Murphy is commonly a surname in Ireland but has become an accepted first name in America in recent years. 

Both Gael and Rowan are technically boys' names but are pretty gender-neutral and make their way into the SSA top ten. 

The SSA's list of fastest-growing Irish names can be found below 

1. Haisley
2. Murphy
3. Shay
4. Cara
5. Fallon
6. Keily
7. Lennon
8. Kayleigh
9. Gael                                                                                                                                                                        10. Rowan

Unusual Irish girl names

Good Housekeeping also included an IrishCentral list in its top 80 Irish baby girl names. 

The popular magazine included IrishCentral's compilation of traditional Irish girl names for those looking for a unique baby name. 

Here is IrishCentral's list of unique and traditional Irish names along with a pronunciation guide 

1. Aine (awn-ye)
2. Aoibhinn (ee-van)
3. Caoimhe (kwee-va)
4. Clodagh (cloda)
5. Dearbhla (durv-la)                                                                                                                          6.Eimear (ee-mur)
7. Fionnuala (fi-noola)                                                                                                                          8. Niamh (neev)
9. Laoise (lee-sha)                                                                                                                                          10. Mairead (mi-rade)                                                                                                                                  11. Muireann (mweer-in)
12. Orla (or-la)
13. Oonagh (una)
14. Roisin (ro-sheen)
15. Sadhbh (sive)

Trendy names 

Parental media publication Baby Center also compiled a list of its 20 most trendy Irish baby girl names, although the names are not ranked in terms of popularity. Instead, the Baby Center list is merely ranked in alphabetical order. 

Baby Center's compilation of the trendiest Irish baby names is included below

1. Aileen
2. Alaina
3. Arely
4. Arlene
5. Bria
6. Bridget
7. Cassidy
8. Cece
9. Darcy
10. Ena
11. Enya
12. Erin
13. Evelyn
14. Imogen
15. Kiara
16. Mckenna
17. Mckenzie
18. Shayla
19. Siobhan
20. Tierney