Hundreds of redheads are set to meet up in Hamburg for three days of events

The third annual ‘Ginger Days’ redhead meetup will take place in Hamburg, Germany this weekend, September 6 - 8.

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Organizer Tristan Rodgers said: “We are meeting up to celebrate the beauty of red hair with people from all over Europe to send out a positive statement."

“But it’s more than a gathering, it’s a unique event with a cultural, photography, entertainment and charity background.”

Rodgers added: “Of course, everybody is invited, not only redheads!”

Rodgers serves as Editor in Chief for MC1R Magazine, a magazine for redheads which takes its name from the gene associated with red hair.

Last year, more than 250 redheads attended the meetup, and organizers are hoping to build upon that success this year. A Facebook event page for this year's gathering has more than 200 confirmed as attending, and more than 1k interested.

The agenda for this year’s meetup includes podium discussions, exhibitions about red hair, Redhead Bingo, as well as music, drinking, and socializing. 

One of the highlights of the annual gathering is a group photo of all the redheads in attendance, which this year will take place on Sunday.

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Publiée par MC1R Magazine sur Mardi 18 septembre 2018

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The meetup will be hosted at Oberhafen, Stockmeyerstraße 41-43, Hall 4A, in Hamburg, beginning Friday evening. Prior registration is not required.

Check out this video from the 2018 redhead gathering here:

Redhead Gathering in Hamburg 2018

In September this year 250 redheads from all over Europe gathered in Hamburg for a weekend to celebrate their red hair. The program was all about art, culture and of course very family friendly. The highlight was the big group photo which got covered by the biggest press in Germany and also in Europe. Millions of TV viewers have seen the gathering and the nice interviews with our visitors. For 2019 the next redhead gathering is being planned in Hamburg again. Thank you everybody and a big thank you to all supporters!

Publiée par MC1R Magazine sur Dimanche 21 octobre 2018

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