A new book, The Wild Food Plants of Ireland, a complete guide to their recognition, foraging, cooking, history, and conservation, has just been published.

This is the first time that the wild food plants of Ireland are discussed in detail with some information just being released for the first time. The newly published book, The Wild Food Plants of Ireland, contains beautiful photography supported with expert research conducted and documented by two well known Irish botanists Tom Curtis and Paul Whelan.

It also describes all the Irish plants which can be gathered in the wild and eaten and those from which our important food plants have been derived. The book also importantly addresses the urgent need to protect them for future generations.

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The publication is 270 pages long and includes a wealth of information on their culinary value, including indicative recipes, dishes, and preparations, the history of their uses and their importance and value economically and for future food security.

Chefs, cooks, foodies, foragers, farmers, and gardeners, as well as the wider public, will find this book very helpful for locating and identifying accurately, our edible wild plants as well as those involved in courses on cooking and culinary, botany, agriculture, conservation, and practical outdoor field courses. 

The highly respected foodie, Darina Allen wrote the foreword and the book has just been launched in the Botanic Gardens by Dr. Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland.

 The Wild Food Plants of Ireland is available in bookshops around Ireland and on Amazon.

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