The Irish are great at Christmas, from the "12 pubs" to family reunions. It’s the best time of the year. That makes it all the more difficult for those missing home, but thankfully there are little comforts for expats in the form of our favorite foods.

Checkout magazine recently carried out a survey among Irish emigrants on the “most missed” food. Their third annual “Diaspora Decides” study had some surprising results:

- 42% of respondents missed Tayto crisps (chips) while living abroad. 18% said they missed Tayto “a lot.”

- 18% were pining for Cadbury chocolate “a lot.”

- 17% missed Kerrygold “a lot.”

- 40% missed Barry’s tea bags, 17% missed them “a lot.” Another 40% missed Lyon’s tea, with 16% missing it “a lot.”

The survey also added which products emigrants felt were of superior quality in Ireland.

- 66% said stout is superior at home.

- 65% missed good Irish rashers (bacon).

- 62% think Irish meat is superior.

- 61% think sausages in Ireland are better.

- 61% miss the excellent butter.

- 58% miss the milk.