It’s nice to see that some favorite Irish recipes, such as potato cakes and brown bread, have made it to Twitter.

Here are some of the shortest and most simple explanations of recipes I’ve ever seen. In just 140-characters (the number which the social networking site permits) these good folks have spelt out some quite complicated recipes.

Okay, so some of these recipes might not be traditional but they’re certainly recipes that are eaten and cooked regularly in Ireland.

Here’s our pick of Irish favourites:

1.    Irish Potato Cakes @janetravers

“Form cold, seasonal mashed spuds into patties, roll in plain flour, fry in half OO [olive oil], half butter till golden both sides. The food of the gods!”

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2.    Smoked Salmon Sandwich @CountryLets

“Slice baguette thinly, little OO, bake till crisp. Top with cream cheese, smoked salmon, squeeze of lemon & black pepper.”

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3.    Shepherd’s pie @janetravers

Brown lamb mince. Remove. Sautee onion & rosemary in juices. 250 ml stock. Reduce. Lamb and passata in pan. Simmer ages. Top with mash. Grill.

4.    Keith’s Crubeens @keithpbarry (Keith Barry, Illusionist)

“Pigs feet boiled. Straight on plate with cabbage which has been glazed with brown sauce.”

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5.    Dublin Coddle @mduffywriter

“Boil 8 whole sausages, 8 slices of salty bacon. Reduce heat. Add 2 onions, 2 carrots, 2 potatoes all diced.S&P, parsley. Simmer until potatoes tender.”

6.    Bailey’s and white chocolate fudge @Chiddle84

“Heavy pan, stir 500g sgr, 500 ml cream, 50 mil Baileys. Simmer. Boil when sgr dissolved. Stir occasionally. Add 150 g white choc. 22cm LINED tin. Cool. Cut.”

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7.    Irish oatmeal cookies @janetravers

Combine 125g soft butter, 50g caster sugar, 150g flour, 50g oatmeal, 1tsp vanilla. Roll walnut-sized balls, flatten top w fork, bake 180c, 15 min.”

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8.    Brown Soda Bread

“Mix 400g each white & wholemeal flour, 1tsp bread soda & salt. Mix 570ml buttermilk. Knead, form round. 200c. 45mins. Cool”

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9.    Best potato salad @Chiddle84

“Hardboil 2 eggs. Leave to cool. Boil enough potatoes for two people, mash with spring onion, lashings of milk and butter, S&P, cut in egg. Stir.”

Sourced in part from “Tweet Treats: 140 characters, 140 celebrities, recipes for every occasion”.