Here are our ten favorite Irish Christmas treats for a delicious holiday season.

1. Minced pies: Usually served after Midnight mass when the family gets home and enjoyed by all the family.

2. Cadbury’s Roses: Box of the best of Irish chocolate with many different delights. Cadbury’s roses are found under every Christmas tree.

3. Irish trifle: Delicious dessert made of jelly, cream, chocolate sprinkles, about 10,000 calories, but who cares its Christmas. Even better when brandy is added.

4. Guinness porter cake: Delightful after dinner treat and the kind of filing food that makes the waist size stretch just that little bit more.

5. Tricolor drink: Green creme de menthe, with white vodka and gold whiskey. If you can survive that you can live for ever.

6. Irish sausages and black pudding: Served for breakfast on the great day you’re stuffed before you even get to dinner.

7. USA biscuit tins: A long time staple, different flavor biscuits of every kind, in two separate rows. Woe betide the person that tries to reach down into the bottom level before the top ones are all gone.

8.Whiskey eggnog: The usual eggnog with a dash - or more -of Jameson - aaah perfect for relaxing in front of a roaring fire.

9. Mulled wine:
Delicious when you come in from a cold walk. Heated wine that hits the spot (see also hot whiskey).

10. Black and tan: A favorite in the pub on Christmas eve -- Guinness and beer mixed half and half. Puts hair on your chest.

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