Potions class, anyone? The popular magical pub experience known as The Cauldron is coming to Dublin and it sounds absolutely unreal! 

The Cauldron experience has already seen great success in New York and London, where thirsty witches and wizards don robes and learn how to make potable potions that fizz, bubble, flame, and change color. 

Now, The Cauldron is coming to Dublin, set to open in July at The Liquor Rooms at 5 Wellington Quay. A fourth location is opening in Edinburgh, Scotland this month.

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According to their website, "The Cauldron Magical Experience is a 1 hr 45 min immersive class where you wield a working magic wand and use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.  After donning a robe and receiving a magic wand, you are led to an interactive work station where you learn spellcasting 101 by pouring a welcome drink of either beer, cocktail, or mocktail."

They've partnered with Irish craft brewery Wicklow Wolf to produce ‘Wicked Wolf’, a limited edition collaboration beer. It's a hoppy and floral IPA brewed with jasmine and green tea (ingredients from magical history) as well as Irish malted barley and fresh water from Co. Wicklow. 

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Tickets to The Cauldron Magical Experience start at €29.99 (approx. $34.00) per person and include a welcome drink, two molecular cocktails you get to craft yourself using spells and sorcery, and the interactive experience.

The Cauldron is intended for people 18 and older (who says magic is just for kids?!) and the Dublin location will be open for at least three months - though we think it would be a real shame if they didn't stick around until Halloween. 

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