Think the Irish don't have enough imagination to give their food unusual names, think again! Take a gander (Irish slang for look) at these ten gems.

1.  Champ, no not Muhammad Ali, a type of mashed potato that is whipped up with milk and butter.

2.  Back Rashers: No not some tropical disease but the Irish name for bacon. Sizzling rashers on the pan, sweet Irish tea and soda bread – ah, the perfect breakfast.

3.  Drisheen:  no, not some obscure Irish town but beautiful black pudding made from cows or pigs blood – a rare delicacy.

4.  Crubeens: no, not some swear word, but wonderful pigs feet or trotters. Perfect in a sandwich

5.  Tripe: No, not some nonsense someone is talking to you but edible offal from the stomachs of some animals—er, think I’ll pass 

6.  Colcannon: not your distant American relative but a form of mashed potato mixed with cabbage,  not unlike champ.

7.   Irish trifle: not some insignificant thing, but actually a beautiful desert made with fresh cream, jello and custard 

8.  Boxty: no, not someone who wants to box you but yet another variation on the humble potato—which proves that the Irish still love the spud

9.  Dublin Coddle—not what you do with the missus, but a dish made of sausage and bacon – delicious

10.Fish fingers. No, not fish that can count, but fish in finger shape cooked in deep batter – delicious.