A September Shamrock Shake? It is halfway to St Patrick's Day! 

September 2019 will forever now be known as Shamrock Shake September as McDonald's have changed up their Shamrock Shake calendar for the year to bring select parts of the US the St Patrick's Day treat back for a limited time only. 

While September does bring with it a celebration of halfway to St Patrick's Day, the return of the Shamrock Shake this September 2019 is not actually anything to do with March 17 and Ireland's patron saint. 

Fast-food chain McDonald's has brought the sweet drink back for the month because of one of America's other great loves: Football. 

Unlucky for most of us, the shake is only available at McDonald's locations in Philadelphia as part of the chain's "Stomp, Scream and Shake" campaign supporting the Philadelphia Eagles.

Why only the Eagles? Well, the city is the original home of the Shamrock Shake and is also the birthplace of the Ronald McDonald House charity. The shake was originally sold to help raise money for this charity for families caring for ailing kids.

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Branding it "the Eagles' favorite shake," the minty treat is only available until October 13 so you have to be fast. 

Not based in Philadelphia to get yourself a September Shamrock Shake? No worries! We have a September Shamrock Shake recipe you can make at home right here. (Warning: Our Shamrock Shake is spiked!)

September Shamrock Shake recipe: 

Spiked Shamrock Shake Recipe for St. Patrick's Day

Looking for the perfect St. Patrick's Day treat? Try this spiked version of McDonald's Shamrock Shake - equally delicious without the booze. For the full recipe, click here: http://www.irishcentral.com/culture/food-drink/Homemade-alcoholic-Shamrock-Shake-recipe-for-St-Patricks-Day.html

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