The Original Irish Cider, Magners perfect option for a traditional pint on St. Patrick's Day... in all its variations! Check out these cider cocktails.

The countdown is on… and we’re getting close to St. Patrick’s Day! While this holiday has an abundance of historical significance in both Ireland and America, it is perhaps best known for it’s celebratory nature -providing the masses (Irish or not!) with a great excuse to gather at the local Irish pub and enjoy a few pints together!

As the Original Irish Cider, hailing from Clonmel, County Tipperary, Magners can be found in almost every Irish establishment across the US, serving as a perfect option for a traditional pint on the 17th. But why not step up your pint-game this St. Patrick’s Day or test your Irish mixology skills! 

The new Magners Brand Ambassador, Luke, had plenty of experience in mixing cocktails from his time in his hometown of Galway, Ireland, before bringing his talents across the pond to New York City! He suggests the three keys to Irish Mixology are technique, authenticity, and tradition!

Check out Luke’s instructional videos on three cocktails that reflect the essence of Irish Mixology for St. Patrick’s Day!

Technique: The Magners Black Velvet

This classic Irish cocktail includes two staples in every Irish Pub – Irish Stout and Irish Cider! The technique utilizes the backside of a spoon to create a perfect divide between the two beverages in the same pint glass! Check out Luke’s instructional video below to pour a perfect Magners Black Velvet yourself!

Recipe: Fill glass half way with Magners Irish Cider (Original or Pear!) and then top with Irish Stout, poured separately over the backside of a spoon.

Authenticity: A Glass of Hailstones and a Tin of Apples

This classic pint of Magners Cider gets its name from traditional Irish jargon! You’ll hear this ordered in any pub in Ireland, requesting the less than difficult pour for a Magners “cocktail”! Check it out…

Recipe: Fill glass with ice cubes and top with Magners Original Irish Cider. Sláinte!

Tradition: The Magners Cin and Gin

As St. Patrick’s Day falls in the heart of the Lenten season of the traditional Irish Catholic calendar, it is often used as the one day to give in to your vices! While this cocktail won’t make you a sinner, the blend of cinnamon and lemon notes with the traditional Magners Original Cider compliment the addition of a splash of gin, and will be sure to warm your palate on St. Patrick’s Day!

Recipe: Add 2 oz gin, 1 oz cinnamon simple syrup, 1 oz lemon juice, and 3 dashes angostura bitters to a shaker over ice. Pour into glass and top with Magners Original Irish Cider. Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy!

 And while you’re sipping on your festive Magners concoction… brush up on your St. Patrick’s Day facts with a quick history lesson from Luke! Sláinte!

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