So we’ve all heard of the Irish car bomb, but have you ever heard of the Irish trash can cocktail? This Irish crew had not, but after some quick research, we realized that booze hounds have been holding back on us and the colorful Irish creation is pretty well known.

We think we know why we’ve been in the dark about this one … the only thing Irish about Irish trash cans is that they are green.

According to the Friday Night Drinking Club “one cocktail guaranteed to plaster you to the wall is the Irish Trash Can. Made with half the liquor in the bar and a can of Red Bull, the Irish Trash Can is a modern classic.” Well then! There you have it! "A modern classic."

And, of course, they recommend you drink it around St. Patrick’s Day or any festive time, such as Christmas.

Other cocktail-related folks have a better explanation for the green drink. Hampton Road Happy Hour said, “Once you get past the 'Are you kidding me?' factor, what you're left with is a very tasty conversation piece.  The Irish in the name simply comes from the fact that it turns green.  The trash cans part refers to all of the different things in it, and because it has a can sticking out of the top.”

Well fine, then we’ll have to give it a go!

Irish trash can cocktail recipe


- ½ oz gin

- ½ oz vodka

- ½ oz light rum

- ½ oz peach schnapps

- ½ oz blue curacao

- ½ oz triple sec

- 8 oz Red Bull


Pour all ingredients except the Red Bull into a tall cocktail glass with ice. 

Stir the liquor with a long bar spoon. 

Pour in the Red Bull into the glass, and leave the can on top. 

Drink with a straw.

So! Are we insulted? Or are we fine with this drink as a group?

Irish Trash Can 🍻🍻

— Tipsy Bartender (@TipsyBartender) October 7, 2016