The Irish have invented a great many things but these Irish pub inventions just never quite caught on.

The Irish can hold their own when it comes to great innovative inventions that have changed the world from the submarine to the modern tractor but we’ve also had a few that are best left forgotten.

We’ve all had an idea of a new invention that was going to make us our millions and etch our names into history but for most of us, those fleeting dreams of fame and wealth never materialize. Mainly because whatever it was had already been invented or because it was just a stupid idea.

For almost as many of us, those ideas came to us over a pint and a chat in the pub so it’s not surprising that some of the weirdest Irish inventions have to do with the pub itself.

Here are some of our favorites that have both succeeded and haven’t. These inventors were just surely before their time!

The mobile bar stool:

50cc Bar Stool

Never be without a seat in the pub with this 50cc mobile bar stool. Courtesy of RTE Archives.

Posted by Rare Irish Stuff on Dé hAoine, 16 Márta 2018

The Nightender:

'Night Ender' Irish Whiskey Vending Machine, 1971

The rare 1971 'Night Ender' Whiskey Vending machine in working order. Available here -

Posted by Rare Irish Stuff on Déardaoin, 23 Samhain 2017

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Sudocrem 1931 invented by Dublin pharmacist Thomas Smith. Sure where would we be without it? Every tub of Sudocrem sold worldwide is still made in Baldoyle.

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Arthur Guinness: the man behind the brew. At precisely 17:59 Irish time today, a toast will commence in five cities...

Posted by Rare Irish Stuff on Déardaoin, 27 Meán Fómhair 2012

Ferguson tractor:

Harry Ferguson Ltd Motorcar Showroom, Baggot Street, Dublin. c.1915 Henry George "Harry" Ferguson (4 November 1884 –...

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Tayto potato crisps are an institution here in Ireland with their unique cheese and onion flavoured crisp, topping the...

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The Submarine:

Today in Irish History. 1841: Submarine Inventor John Paul Holland. John Paul Holland, the inventor of the first...

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Hunting Poitin, 1980's

Classic 1980's report on the Garda "Poitin Patrol" in pursuit of the illegal drink in the Connemara Hills. Poitin has been illegal in Ireland for centuries and has 60%-90% alcohol content.

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What is your favorite Irish invention? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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