There are an amazing 7,200 licensed pubs in Ireland today! But which part of Ireland has the most pubs? 

We all love a good Irish pub, but how about the facts and figures behind this mainstay of Ireland's hospitality industry? 

AIB’s 2018 Pubs Outlook looks at a number of issues affecting Ireland’s pub trade and reveals the number of pubs in the country and various counties.

They report that there are nearly 7,200 licensed pubs operating in Ireland, and 230,000 people employed in the Irish pub sector.

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According to the report, Co Cork, with 955 pubs, comes to the top of the list for most pubs. The next biggest county is Dublin, with 772 pubs.

When it comes to pubs per person, Dublin is at the bottom of the list with one pub for every 1,649 people. Cork has a pub for every 543 people.

The county with the fewest people per pub is Mayo, with 323 people for every pub.

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Co Kerry has one pub for every 334 people, Tipperary has a pub per 350 people, and Co Clare has one for every 383 people.

The study also found that in order to stay in business, pubs in Ireland need to be earning between €8,000 and €13,000 a week.

H/T Irish Independent