Today, February 9, is National Pizza Day, and what better way to celebrate than by checking out Ireland's top ten pizzerias!

Ireland's best spots serving the cheesiest slices have been revealed by Betway in celebration of National Pizza Day.

Whether it’s delivered in a cardboard box or served up in a fancy restaurant, Ireland is home to some of the best pizzerias.

Measuring popularity by a unique index score - generated by the number of hashtags each location has racked up on Instagram, as well Google and Tripadvisor reviews, with the lower the overall index score the higher the ranking - spots from Galway, Dublin, Limerick, and Cork all topped Betway's list of the best pizza places in Ireland.

Located in Galway City Centre, The Dough Bros, whose mission is to ‘put Irish pizza on the map’, topped the list with an overall index of 4.

Followingly closely in joint second with an index score of 11 is Milano in Limerick and Wood Fire Cafe in Dublin, both popular for their authentic Italian styles.

In third is Tango Street Food in Killarney, an Argentine food market serving classic wood-fired pizzas, with an index score of 13.

In fourth with an index score of 14 is Piccolo Pizza, also in Killarney, where stone-baked pizzas are available to eat in or take out.

Rounding up the top five in Wooza, serving up tasty pizzas in Galway’s City Center. 

Top 10 most popular pizza restaurants in Ireland, according to Betway:

  1. The Dough Bros, Galway
  2. Milano, Limerick and Wood Fire Cafe, Dublin
  3. Tango Street Food, Killarney
  4. Piccolo Pizza, Killarney
  5. Wooza, Galway
  6. PI Temple Bar, Dublin and Frankie’s Slice Shop, Cork
  7. Crust, Cork
  8. Village Pizza, Dublin
  9. Bella Napoli, Cork
  10. DOH. Proper Pizza, Limerick