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One of Ireland’s proudest exports, Guinness, was first produced in Ireland by Arthur Guinness in 1759. Over 250 years later, it has become a world renowned stout enjoyed by millions across the globe.

Here are some clues as you set out on your task to find the perpect pint of black stuff. First you need to know that finding a perfect pint is a lifelong mission.

Here are our top five tips for finding the best pint of Guinness:

1.   Who is drinking it?

Take a look around your bar and see how many people are drinking the black stuff. If numbers are good then proceed.Chances are there is a good pull on the taps. If you cannot see anyone drinking Guinness then politely abort the mission and move onto the next bar.

2.  Look for older guys

Older guys are experts. They are the seasoned Guinness drinkers and know what the game is all about. A group of guys gathered at the bar sipping on their pints is always a very positive indicator.

3.  Good head on top

Be sure to examine the head on the Guinness that other revelers are drinking. The creamy head should not be too great, a few centimeters. Good Guinness will also cling to the side of the glass as you drink it, leaving a residue behind.

4.  The right glass

Guinness should never be served in another branded or pilsner glass. If the proprietors cannot be bothered to supply correct glasses then they are not serious about serving one of the finest stouts known to man.

5.   How is the pint pulled

Like silk flowing into a glass, when a bartender pulls a pint of Guinness it needs to be done with care and skill. The bartender should tilt the glass as he fills it three quarters of the way.

He must then pause and wait until the Guinness settles and transforms from a cloudy brown to black. Then he should top it off, and if the bartender has real style, finish the pint with the sign of a shamrock in its head.

So now, all armed and ready---tell us where you have enjoyed the best pint of Guinness below!

Visit our special St. Patrick's Day section here

Unlike other brews, the bubbles in Guinness go down rather than upGoogle Images