An “unholy combination”? “A waste of a good Guinness”? Several pubs, away and at home, have posted photos of their version of the cocktail Black Ice, a pint of Guinness and lemon Smirnoff Ice, on Twitter. So far the reaction has been mixed.

Photos posted online in the UK and Ireland have divided the public. While the cocktail looks pretty neat, with the Guinness floating on top of the Smirnoff, we’re pretty sure that purists would be disgusted. Sure we’ve all been to pubs where staff would even scoff at a dash of blackcurrant cordial in a pint, so this concoction is surely sacrilege!

In Britain the Irish Post reported that the Marine Boathouse in Skegness had invented a new cocktail, which the Scottish bar had dubbed “The Badger.” The London based Irish newspaper also saw the cocktail as “controversial” and couldn’t decide “whether a stroke of genius or a crime against Ireland’s most famous stout.”

But the folks at the Marine Boathouse insist their newest addition to the cocktail list is a winner. They posted “Our new special drink for young farmers weekend!!!!! A badger, Smirnoff ice, topped up with creamy Guinness. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It’s amazing!"

As if our Scottish cousins experimenting with Guinness wasn’t bad enough, over the weekend the good folks at An Pucán, in Galway, posted their version to their Instagram.

So far the reaction on their account seems to range from “interesting…” to “that actually scare me.”

We found this recipe online if fancy giving it a try.

Black Ice


1 bottle(s) Smirnoff Ice

- Guinness


- Pour Smirnoff Ice into a beer glass until half full.

- Add the Guinness to fill using spoon (a la Black and Tan).

H/T: barnonedrinks.

What do you think? Could it be a new bar trend? Move over Irish car bombs here’s black ice.

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