With the launch of Lambay Irish Whiskey it’s time to recognize that ordering the right brand whiskey at a bar will gain you nods of approvals by total strangers.

Unlike other drinks, whiskey lovers seem to have a particular bond. Ordering a certain brand of whiskey in a bar garners encouraging nods of approval by total strangers. As an alcohol, it creates a community.

New craft whiskey brand, Lambay Irish Whiskey Company, recognize this and have created a brand for true whiskey drinkers. During the recent launch in the seaside town of Howth Brand Manager, Sabine Sheehan said, "Our approach in the Irish market will be simple but challenging, geo-targeting consumers in key locations both in the on-trade and off-trade and driving brand awareness over the next three years. We are a small craft independent Irish Whiskey with a unique taste and are focused on sharing our Lambay Whiskey with the community of “whiskey lovers” around Ireland.”

The launch kicked off with a boat trip across to the eponymous Lambay Island and was followed by cocktails, music by The Finns and food by Johnnie Cooke from The Restaurant in Brown Thomas. He served up lamb and truffles infused with Lambay Whiskey.

The brand has released:

Lambay Irish Whiskey - Small Batch Blend

"Only the finest triple distilled whiskey distillates have been hand-selected to perfect Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend. A blend of malted barley and grain whiskey, is triple distilled, matured in bourbon barrels with a pleasant cognac cask finish.  Lambay Island’s Trinity Well water has been used to craft our Irish whiskey making this as unique as the place that inspires it."

Lambay Irish Whiskey Single Malt

"Lambay Whiskey Single Malt is a deliciously smooth unpeated craft malt Whiskey. Triple-distilled and non-chill filtered, it’s unique flavour can be attributed to first fill bourbon barrels which had a previous low rye content that impart a subtle sweetness and floral note to the spirit. Lambay Single Malt is wholly finished in Camus cognac casks. Hand selected cognac casks are placed on Lambay Island to bring maritime notes to the casks exposed to the fresh sea air in a bonded maturation warehouse called the Sea Cask Room."

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