Killofin Home is doing just that by launching a hip new take on an old tradition. Re-introducing imported Irish peat into people’s lifestyles, they are providing various creative ideas such as summer time Bar-B-Q recipes with peat or specialized gardening in the spring. With a detailed website, has reached back into the Irish cultural history to explore how peat has been used for centuries and why it is still in style today.

Killofin Home began with an Irish-American girl’s visit to her ancestral home in Labasheeda, County Clare. Discovering the missing link, Katie McAllister soon enjoyed tales of her family’s history alongside a burning hearth of Peat. The Irish charm that was experienced that afternoon inspired her to bring the experience of the isle home to share with family and friends Stateside.

Having a distinctive yet not overpowering aroma, Irish Peat can be a welcome addition to any occasion. Surprise guests with that peat-smoked lamb recipe or cuddle up to someone special by a peat fire and you can be sure to light up some great memories!