Bar tender, make ours a double...chocolate chip cookie.

It's seems that all our baking wishes are coming true, in the form of Baileys-inspired baking chips.

Baileys brownies, Baileys banana bread, Baileys blondies; the possibilities are endless. 

According to, Clabber Girl (the leading baking powder provider) and the Irish cream liqueur's parent company, Diageo, collaborated on a new line of Baileys themed products for both culinary enthusiasts and fans of the delicious beverage.

The first release is these semi-sweet baking chips, which despite being non-alcoholic, taste and smell just like the real thing. 

While they sold-out in record time (you can put your email down for a re-stock alert here) there were several bags made available on Amazon, which seemed to go down a treat with customers who snapped them up.

“I used these baking chips in cookies for my family Thanksgiving and they really delivered on the taste and smell of Baileys. The aroma of Baileys really gets you when you open the bag. Very enjoyable," a reviewer wrote. 

In honor of the product launch, Clabber Girl and Baileys have released a full digital cookbook of recipes that incorporate Baileys Baking Chips in the most divine ways imaginable - from French Toast to fudge.

The chips will be available nationwide around Easter 2019, but are also currently being sold at certain retailers... however, they have declined to say which ones specifically, so the hunt is on!

Gary Morris, President and COO of Clabber Girl Corporation, said that the 150-year-old company was "thrilled" to work on the project.

"We are extremely proud of what we together have created,” she added.

What would you use Baileys chocolate chips for? Let us know in the comments below.

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