Baileys 12-day advent calendar features three flavors that are perfect for Christmas

Baileys has released a special-edition advent calendar ahead of Christmas 2019, and it features three different flavors of the beloved Irish cream liquor!

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Available exclusively at ASDA grocery stores in the UK, the 12-day advent calendar includes the original Baileys flavor, the warming coffee flavor, and the orange truffle flavor.

Hello Magazine notes that the Baileys advent calendar also includes an “exclusive” Baileys cocktail recipe.

The special-edition was spotted by the savvy shoppers over at Money Savers Online, who shared a snap to their Facebook page and said: “It's just simply a fabulous way for any fan to enjoy counting down to the special day with and we can also imagine this being extremely popular as well.”

Finally, we've managed to get an in-person look at the all NEW Baileys 12 Day Christmas Advent Calendar at ASDA!... It'...

Publiée par Money Saver Online sur Samedi 26 octobre 2019

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The Sun notes, however, that priced at £20, “It could be a fun way to count down to the big day, but keep in mind that you'll get more booze for your bucks by buying bigger bottles individually.”

Not local to the UK? You can still shop on the Baileys website, which features the full range of flavors as well as tasty holiday recipes.

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