What could be more Irish right? Guinness and spuds!

It seems like some smart Irish folks would have put this two together long again and we’re pretty shocked / ashamed that we’re only discovering them now. But in our defense it appears that Guinness crisps (chips) are a British made product and not readily available in Ireland. Although we don’t imagine they could give cheese and onion-flavored Tayto a run for their money anyway.

However if you’re really curious about them you could buy a whole box of 20 packets online here.

Although now that we think of it a Guinness crisp sandwich in Brennan’s white bread would be amazing.

The crisps are made by Burts British Hand Cooked Potato Chips say “one taste of these and you can taste the subtle roasted barley and hops flavour” and say they’ll take your “taste buds to new extremes” but according to FoodBeast’s review they are just “not bad at all.” High praise indeed! They added that they “pretty much like the bittersweet stout from Ireland,” well we should hope so.

However, the Guardian’s reviewer was not as charitable. He said “the end product bears about as much relation to Guinness as wine gums do to Chablis.”

Well, regardless we’re still curious and will hunting this one down. The crisps are sporadically available in Irish stores and in the UK at major supermarkets.

Someone must like them! The original flavor was so popular that they created the “Guinness Rich Beef Chilli Crisps.”

Would you try Burt's Guinness crisps?

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