Two Irish filmmakers have used the COVID-19 lockdown to shoot the world's first-ever Zoom-directed short film, and it's absolutely fantastic. 

Adam Brennan and Colin Fleming used the popular video conference app to shoot their seven-minute short film "Devolved," which documents a man's struggles while working from home. 

Colin Fleming dialed in from Dublin to direct the film, which was shot in isolation in Adam Brennan's home in County Monaghan. 

The film is a co-production between FKU Productions and City Morgue Films.

Brennan, who wrote the short film, stars in the lead role as Adam, a meticulous and work-proud customer care assistant for a healthcare system who is forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Adam's first day under lockdown shows him neatly dressed for a day of work on the couch and shows him attempting to pick up hobbies like playing the guitar and reading books. 

However, his fastidious attitude quickly begins to crumble as the lockdown continues; his house becomes littered with more and more rubbish, while his work manners begin to desert him before he finally descends into sheer madness. 

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The story may be exaggerated, but it expertly documents the cabin fever people are experiencing during the current pandemic, especially those living in total isolation. 

The film was shot over seven days and required a good deal of trust between director and writer, who had never actually met in person. 

Brennan said that he was very proud of the Zoom-directed film. 

"I’ve always tried to do my best with what’s to hand, so I just asked around to see if anyone else wanted to get involved, and thankfully Colin answered the call. The virus had the power to prevent us leaving our homes, but not to prevent us creating something we’re both very proud of."

Brennan's family, who played small roles in the film, had to contend with their lockdown refuge being turned into a movie set for a week. 

Director Colin Fleming said that some of his friends thought him crazy for taking on the project. 

“Honestly, when I first told friends I was considering this project, with someone I’d never met and whose work I wasn’t that familiar with, they all thought I had lost it. Some even reckoned it could spell trouble for my career. But, to be fair, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together," he said. 

Check out the full film below. Warning: it contains some profanity. 

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