World famous Irish milliner Philip Treacy, who’s designed hats for everyone from Camilla Parker Bowles on her wedding day to Prince Charles, to Sarah Jessica Parker’s crazy bird thing that she wore to the world premiere of the “Sex and the City” movie last year, feels that women will not scrimp when it come to what they wear on their heads.

"People don't appear to budget when it comes to crowning their heads," said the County Galway native. "It's the last place that women are going to make cutbacks. They are the ultimate statement for any occasion."

Pictured here is yet another original from Treacy, who was asked by Lyons Gold Blend tea to come up with something creative that they could display at the upcoming Taste of Dublin festival.

The hat, if that’s what you could call it, took Treacy 100 hours to create, and its swirl of feathers is supposed to represent tea leaves being stirred in a cup. Lyons plans on raffling it off at the festival.

The London-based Treacy jetted to Dublin last week to unveil the creation. "I suppose tea is a ritual that can be as grandiose as you desire -- just like hats," said Treacy.