Legendary Irish rebel trad band The Wolfe Tones have said they will defend Rockall Island, which is at the center of a major dispute between Ireland and Scotland. 

With Ireland and  Scotland sparring over who has rights to Rockalla tiny disputed island in the North Atlantic off the Irish and Scottish coasts, The Wolfe Tones, who drew international attention to the island with their 1976 song "Rock on Rockall," have offered to defend it. 

"The British sent over an SAS [Special Air Service] guy before to live on Rockall so they could say it was inhabited by them. We'd be prepared to go up there in a trawler ourselves and claim the rock back for Ireland," The Wolfe Tones' Brian Warfield told the Irish Sun

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The Wolfe Tones released "Rock on Rockall" at a time when the UK had claimed sovereignty over the tiny spit of rocky land, just 80-yards long and 100-yards wide. 

"Ireland's response was to refuse to recognize their claim, when what we should have done is make Ireland's claim over Rockall," said Warfield, explaining the Tones' decision to write such a battle song for Rockall. 

Brian explained: "The legend goes that Fionn MacCumhail, a mythical giant was supposed to have taken Lough Neagh, thrown it into the Irish sea which became the Isle of Man and then tossed a pebble into the sea which formed Rockall. Following the legend, I made my mythical historic claim on Rockall for Ireland in my song."

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Now, 43 years later, Scotland has ordered Irish fishing vessels to vacate the area around Rockall, claiming that they are in violation of the 12-mile international limit. However, Ireland maintains that per the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that “Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf,” Rockall is not in Scotland's dominion, and the fishermen are in compliance with EU regulations. 

Warfield said that the Wolfe Tones have noticed an increase in listens to "Rock on Rockall" on Spotify and YouTube since the island made headlines again earlier this week, and that they will be including the song in their touring set list this summer.

Full lyrics below:

Oh the Empire it is finished

No foreign lands to seize

So the greedy eye of England

I stirring towards the seas

Two hundred miles from Donegal

There's a place that's called Rockall

And the groping hands of Whitehall

Are grabbing at its walls.


Oh rock on Rockall you'll never fall

For Britains greedy hands

Oh you'll meet the same resistance

Like you did in many lands

May the Seagulls rise and pluck your eyes

And the water crush your shell

And the natural gas will burn your ass

And blow you all to hell

This rock is part of Ireland

For it's written in folklore

When Finn McCool took a sod of grass

He threw it to the fore

When he tossed a pebble across the sea

Where ever did it fall

For the sod became the Isle of Man

Now the pebble's called Rockall


Oh the seas will not be silent

While Britannia grabs the waves

And remember that the Irish

Will no longer be your slaves

And remember that Britannia well

She rules the waves no more

So keep your hands off Rockall

It's Irish to the core.