Irish rebel music band The Wolfe Tones question why partition is on the agenda.

The famed Irish folk legends took to social media to call out the "stupidity" of border negotiations.

This pic of Ireland from Space Station shows the stupidity of a border on this beautiful island, it’s time to end partition of the island and her peoples ... #brexit #irishunity #unitedireland

— The Wolfe Tones 🇮🇪 (@wolfetones) September 18, 2018

The band, currently in their 55th year, attracted various opinions after sharing the tweet which has amassed over 1,500 'likes'.

"The days of British borders in Ireland will soon be resigned to history forever," one follower responded. 

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Another retaliated, "No thanks lads, quite happy the way it is." alongside an emoji of the British Union Jack.

Many other comments questioned why the band didn't use a "real photo" and joked that they "definitely couldn't see a border" in the Space Station shot.

The band, first formed in 1963, have announced they will continue touring throughout the end of the year.

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