New mini-series arrives on Netflix on September 21

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is cast as Jonah Hill’s father in the newest Netflix original mini-series Maniac.

Maniac, a comedy, tells the story of a promising pharmaceutical trial that does not go as planned.

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Jonah Hill and Emma Stone star in the new Netflix series; they had breakout roles together in the 2007 comedy Superbad. Hill later went on to be nominated for an Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street, while Stone won for her role in La La Land.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone

Gabriel Byrne plays lead Jonah Hill’s father in the mini-series that will begin streaming on Netflix on September 21. In 2009, Byrne won a Golden Globe for his performance in In Treatment.

In the mini-series, Jonah Hill’s character Owen Milgrim has become the black sheep of a well-to-do family after a mental breakdown. He enrolls in a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that promises to cure any and all of his problems. There, he meets Annie Landsberg, played by Emma Stone. They are both led through the trial by Dr. James K. Mantleray, played by Justin Theroux.

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Things do not go as planned.

The series, presented in 10 half-hour installments, begins streaming on September 21.

Watch the trailer for Maniac here:

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