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Van Morrison's tangled love relationship has left his long time partner Michelle Rocca dumbfounded at the announcement that he has had a baby with another woman.

 The news left Michelle reeling. The couple spent Christmas in Belfast with his mother and he never breathed a word about his secret love child.

Michelle Rocca, a Dublin model and former Miss Ireland has been Van Morrison's partner since 1993. Gigi Lee, the mother of his new child, recently produced his "Astral Weeks Live" album at the Hollywood Bowl.

Friends of Rocca say she is stunned and dumbfounded by what has happened. "I'm in complete shock to learn that it's true, as are many friends and acquaintances," a close friend told reporters in Dublin.

The Evening Herald quotes the friend as saying, "I don't know what the circumstances are but certainly we are devastated."

Morrison's spokesman, Phil Lobel, who is based in Los Angeles, said the 64-year-old singer will  not be commenting on his relationship with either Rocca or Lee.

The statement via his website stated that: "Gigi and Van Morrison are proud to announce the
birth of their first born son, George Ivan Morrison III. "'Little Van' born Dec 28, 2009 -- the spitting image of his daddy.

"The announcement said that the baby "is a dual citizen of Northern Ireland/United Kingdom and the United States of America".

However, his spokesperson told the Evening Herald that Van Morrison would not be commenting further on his relationship with Michelle Rocca who he was believed to be still living with. 

"I was contacted and instructed by the two people involved, the parents, as named in the statement, to issue the release to the official website and the media," the spokesman said.

"There is no reference to any previous relationship in the statement, therefore I will not be commenting on it (Michelle and Van Morrison).

"I don't anticipate that Van will be making any further comment or statement about it (his relationship with Michelle). He has said all he wants to say on the matter," the spokesman said.

He already has three children, including two with Michelle Rocca.

Michelle Rocca is a permanent and popular fixture on the Dublin social scene .

The Rocca family is already recovering from the tragic death of Michelle's brother Patrick who  his own life earlier this life.

He is believed to have suffered a huge financial setback in the property crash in Ireland where he was heavily invested. 

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