U2 has shot back at claims that they are wasting too much energy and wrecking the environment with their “excessive” stadium tour.

Environmentalists say U2’s 360 Tour - which will hit 44 stadiums across the globe - will create enough carbon emissions to fly the Irish rock band all the way to Mars.

But the Irish band’s guitarist The Edge has defended the tour, saying the rockers have every intention of offsetting their large carbon footprint.

Backstage at U2’s gig at Wembley Stadium, the guitarist said: "I think anybody that's touring is going to have a carbon footprint. I think it's probably unfair to single out rock'n'roll," he continued.

“There's many other things that are in the same category but as it happens we have a program to offset whatever carbon footprint we have.”

The Edge didn’t provide details but eco fans say U2 would have to plant a whopping 20,118 trees.

Even other celebrities have been chiming in, calling U2’s tour “excessive.”

Talking Heads frontman David Byrne said: “$40 million to build the stage and, having done the math, we estimate 200 semi trucks crisscrossing Europe for the duration. It could be professional envy speaking here, but it sure looks like, well, overkill, and just a wee bit out of balance given all the starving people in Africa and all.”

But The Edge says the band has no choice.

“We'd love to have some alternative to big trucks bringing the stuff around but there just isn't one,” he said.