Dubliner and starlet Sarah Bolger will fly to Montreal next month to begin filming on “The Moth Diaries”.

The 19-year-old, who first caught the public’s eye  as a child in Jim Sheridan’s “In America” has now become a the face of the hit US series “The Tudors” where she starred alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the Henry the Eight melodrama filmed in County Wicklow.

Although Bolger is set to play a lead role in horror movie directed by Mary Harron (“American Psycho”) she is still nervous about having to star alongside British supermodel, Lily Cole, in the movies.

Bolger told the Evening Herald “I haven't actually met Lily yet but I'm looking forward to it," she told the Herald. "I am a little bit intimidated about it. I mean she's absolutely gorgeous and has the most amazing figure.

"I'll have to wear my best clothes beside her all the time. They've also hired another model but I can't say too much about who it is yet.
"I'm definitely going to look really out of place beside them because they'll both be so tall.”

The new film is based on the cult novel by Rachel Klein. It tells the story of a 16-year-old American girl who is sent to an elite-boarding school following her father’s suicide.

Bolger’s character suffers from depression, psychosis and a personality disorder. She becomes convinced that new girl Ernessa is a vampire who is sucking on the blood of fellow boarders.