Tom Cruise has created a spoof video mocking Robert Pattinson and his greasy unwashed hair in a promo for the MTV Movie Awards in June.

Cruise reprises his role of foul-mouthed movie mogul Les Grossman from 'Tropic Thunder' and offers some advice to Pattinson.

Pattinson says: 'I'm thinking about cleaning up a little bit, maybe get a suit, have a shave, maybe wash my hair.'

Cruise responds

'You're filthy hair made you a star! Your filthy hair made me hundreds of millions of dollars and sent my fat-a**** kid to space camp four times!'

He continues: 'So what kind of shampoo are you going to use?'

Pattinson replies 'dirt'

The pair then hug as Cruise shouts: 'That's my dirty dog!'