It may have come to your attention last week that quite a number of Irish St. Patrick’s Day parades featured a Donald Trump lookalike, as the Irish had their own slight dig at the possible Republican Presidential candidate. They paid special attention to aping his hairstyle and his rather unique shade of tanned orange skin.

Donald O'Trump marching to make Ireland great again @iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight #Trump #DonaldTrump

— Dylan Kinsella (@dkinsella89) March 13, 2016

Trump wins Bangor!

— Dara Calleary (@daracalleary) March 17, 2016

The Irish in the Emerald Isle aren’t the only ones that are using Irish tradition to make their opinions about The Donald heard, however.

Set to the tune of the famously rowdy Irish song, 'Whiskey on the Jar' – also covered by the likes of Metallica and Thin Lizzy – New-York man Jim Flynn rewrote the lyrics to reflect his disgust with Trump just in time for the March St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

“I was learning 'Whiskey in the Jar' for St. Patrick's Day when I saw the footage of the white guy sucker-punch the black guy at the Trump Rally and I was appalled,” Flynn told IrishCentral.

“As a white man who is proud of my Irish heritage, I wanted to channel that raucous drinking song bravado to show the world my outrage at Donald Trump's blatant racism.”

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Dedicating the song to his Republican friends, who Flynn says he “knows love America,” he implores them to do whatever they can to prevent the billionaire GOP frontrunner from winning the Republican nomination.

“Hell no to Donald J!” The chorus rings out.

“Hell no to Donald J. Your hate can’t bring us down.”

Referencing, in particular, an incident at a previous Donald Trump rally where Trump stated he would pay the legal fees of an elderly man who punched what was thought to be a protester as he was escorted out of the building, Flynn’s new take on the traditional Irish classic is scathing in its take-down, accusing Trump of loving nothing but power.

“Just ask the underpaid, undocumented men who built Trump tower.” he sings. “They’ll tell you you're a crook.”

The song is certainly catchy and, as many of us already know the melody, all we have to do is learn the new lyrics.

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Have a listen and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Here's how it compares to the original: