If this doesn’t get you practicing your one, two, threes today, we don’t know what will!

One of our favorite groups, ProdiJIG, returned this St. Patrick’s Day with another phenomenal dance video to announce their new show in the Cork Opera House.

Led by Cork-born choreographer Alan Kenefick, 'ProdiJIG: The Revolution' returned to Cork city this month bringing their innovative style of Irish dancing to the masses.

With 22 of the world’s best Irish dancers taking to the stage, their latest video, featuring the music of the fantastic trad group Moxie, is just a small glimpse of the magic in store.

“'ProdiJIG: The Revolution' has been inspired by my life as a dancer including the highs and the lows, and a dream to make a change,” said Kenefick, “to show the world that we as Irish dancers and as a culture are still evolving…This is our Revolution.”

ProdiJIG: The Revolution opened in Cork Opera House on July 23. More information or tickets can be found here.