Saturday Night Live writers and comedians have once again provoked ire among Irish people everywhere with a misjudged and un-funny Irish-centric segment aired on St. Patrick's Day.

Really, SNL? You had a whole year to come up with an Irish themed comedy sketch and this is the result?

Post-Saoirse Ronan's widely mocked Aer Lingus skit,  one would think that SNL would have pulled out all the stops this time around.

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Yet, what the audience received was another painful segment of bad Irish accents, cheesy clichés, and a dig that Irish people are into dating their cousins?

SNL's St. Patrick's Day output presented what they called an Irish Dating Show, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" in which Niall (Bill Hader) declares he's from Dingle.

His "Dingle roots" seem to be somehow confused with the County Clare town of Doolin, as two contenders Eileen (Kate McKinnon) and Siobhan (Cecily Strong) go on to discuss the trio's childhood in Doolin. 

Watch here:

To us, the incest jokes fell on deaf ears and the dodgy attempts at Irish accents made the entire sketch fall flat.

It seems we aren't alone either. Check out the reactions on Twitter below.

I miss when SNL was bitingly funny. Appalling sketch about Ireland. Can’t imagine them getting away with it if it was about any other country but the Irish will take it on the chin and wear the stereotype that we are all inbred and sleep with our cousins.

— Shane Beatty (@ShaneBeattyKFM) March 18, 2018

Is inbreeding a new Irish stereotype? Because, honestly, I haven’t heard that one. #SNL

— Tom Brazelton (@tombrazelton) March 18, 2018

So it's OK to stereotype Irish as incestuous? #SNL

— Mr. Big (@EvadEroom1) March 18, 2018

That still doesn’t give SNL the right to ridicule the Irish. I don’t watch SNL I don’t think they’re funny. They wouldn’t dare do it to another group. It’s a double standard from NBC

— Michael Gallagher (@itsskitime) March 18, 2018

Just when you think @nbcsnl can't top the paddywhackery of their awful Saoirse Ronan/Aer Lingus sketch, this woeful abomination comes along.
A dating show called Kiss me I'm Irish. It's just offensively bad. #Ireland #StPatricksDay2018 #SNL

— Antoin Beag Ó Colla (@AntoinBeag) March 18, 2018

The Kiss Me I’m Irish skit was incredibly offensive. It’s amazing how NBC & SNL marginalize & insult the Irish. Shame on Kate McKinnon for participating in the degradation of her heritage.

— L & O Show (@FoggyDew1310) March 18, 2018

If you're going to be as racist as SNL is in this sketch in 2018, you can at least be funny. What are those accents?

— Cormac (@cormybear) March 18, 2018

SNL’s mission to piss off the Irish is very good

— Embiggened Man (@colonelnemo) March 18, 2018