A  documentary film on the life of Irish singer Sineád O’Connor is in the works.

The feature documentary - with the working title of "Sineád" - will tell the story of the controversial Grammy Award-winning artist and celebrate her music, Deadline reports.

Irish producer ShinAwiL has teamed up with Orian Williams, the film producer behind Joy Division biopic Control, and DJ Dave Fanning for the film.

Irish director Maurice Sweeney will helm with Williams, ShinAwiL’s Larry Bass, and Fanning as executive producers.

Williams said, “There are few artists who have impacted the world music scene like Sineád O’Connor, I’m delighted to board this film and help tell Sineád’s musical story.”

Larry Bass, CEO of ShinAwiL, added, “There will only ever be one documentary with Sineád involved that tells the story of her work in her own words. This is it. Seldom do we get an opportunity for an artist to take us in to the story behind their greatest work.”

Dave Fanning, who has interviewed O’Connor on his RTÉ 2FM radio show, said, “From the very first time this wide-eyed teenager walked into my radio studio, I have watched in awe as she has re-invented her music and life, time and time again – always while wearing her heart on her sleeve.”

Up and running finally. It’s gonna be good. ⁦@ShinawilTV⁩ ⁦@Larbashttps://t.co/uyaifk8SMV

— Dave Fanning (@fanningrte) November 10, 2021

O’Connor, who now goes by Shuhada Sadaqat after converting to Islam in 2018, has courted controversy throughout her career. Her debut album 'The Lion and the Cobra' was released in 1987, and her 1990 cover of Prince's 'Nothing Compares To U' catapulted her to international stardom.

In 1992, she appeared on Saturday Night Live, where she infamously tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II while singing the word 'evil' during a cover of Bob Marley’s “War." The action was intended as a protest against the Catholic Church's sexual abuse of children. 

She also defended the actions of the Provisional IRA in comments made early in her career,  which she later admitted were based on ignorance.

Earlier this year, O’Connor announced her retirement from music after the 2022 release of her album 'No Veteran Dies Alone.'  She later retracted the statement and said that she would tour next year.

In June, she released her memoir "Rememberings" which has since received great critical acclaim.