An Irish artist's haunting rendition of "Silent Night" shot in an eerily quiet Killarney will pull on your heartstrings. 

Grace Foley's take on the timeless Christmas hymn feels especially poignant in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic when countless families are forced apart due to travel restrictions.

The accompanying video offers a stunning taste of Ireland at Christmas, with the stillness of Killarney perfectly encapsulating the Ireland of 2020. 

For Irish people living at home and abroad, the video is the perfect reminder of the beauty of Ireland around Christmas time. 

The song is the second release from Foley's EP "A Time for Christmas". 

A native of Killarney, Foley said that she wanted to capture the beauty of the Kerry town at Christmas. 

"I have always wanted to record Silent Night and I really wanted the video to portray that beautiful silence and, almost eeriness, that comes with walking around late on Christmas Eve," Foley said.

"Little did I know that I would end up recording the video the day they announced the start of locking down Ireland due to COVID-19. Not only did we have the streets to ourselves, we also had the roads." 

Foley spoke of one "magical" moment when a deer wandered through the town during filming. 

"The most magical moment was when the deer came into the town to walk around as it was so quiet... I think Killarney looks truly stunning in this video," she said. 

Killarney, which has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, looks truly spectacular in the poignant video.