The programme sheds light on the current status of LGBTQI+ inclusion in sports across Ireland. It explores the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ athletes.

According to a 2015 study “Out on the Fields”, 58% of Irish participants believe homophobia is more common in Irish sports than in the rest of society, and 75% witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports. 

Presented and Created by ShoutOut Volunteer and Steering Committee Member Domhnaill Harkin, "Playing with Pride'' delves into the personal stories of LGBTQI+ individuals who are active members of the Sports world in Ireland, offering a poignant look at their experiences.

Through interviews with athletes and club representatives, including Jack Dunne, former Leinster Rugby player, who now plays for the Exeter Chiefs, along with representatives from LGBTQ+ specific teams and orgs: Na Gaeil Aeracha GAA club, Emerald Warriors RFC and Sporting Pride, the documentary examines both the progress made and the hurdles still faced in fostering an environment where everyone can compete and thrive without fear of discrimination.

“Growing up in rural Donegal, I never felt welcomed in sporting environments. As I grew older and realised I was gay and struggled to accept my sexuality, this feeling only intensified. After I came out, I found that many other LGBTQ+ people felt the same way about Sport. I wanted to find out what has changed and what still needs to change, so that all LGBTQ+ people feel welcome in sporting environments. This is where the idea of the documentary came from.” said Domhnaill Harkin, ShoutOut volunteer, Creator and Presenter of the Documentary. 

"Sport is still the last frontier for LGBTQI+ inclusion, particularly for trans athletes. With this documentary we wanted to highlight the human stories of LGBTQI+ players, to shine a light on the exclusion which persists for LGBTQI+ people, and celebrate LGBTQI+ athletes who are overcoming barriers in their sports," said Ruadhán Ó Críodáin, Executive Director at ShoutOut. "We hope this documentary will motivate sporting organisations to advance LGBTQI+ inclusion, and to work with organisations like ShoutOut to engage with the LGBTQI+ community."

The documentary also features heartwarming stories of allyship, showcasing how teammates, coaches, and organisations are stepping up to support LGBTQI+ inclusion in sports. These stories are a testament to the power of community and the importance of standing together against discrimination.

"Playing with Pride" aims to inspire viewers to become advocates for change, encouraging sports organisation's, schools, and communities to take concrete steps towards inclusivity. The documentary is a must-watch for anyone passionate about sports, equality, and social justice.

"Playing with Pride'' will be available to stream on ShoutOut's YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram starting July 8, 2024.