Shane MacGowan's fans continue to support The Pogues frontman by sending messages of comfort and sharing wild memories on social media in hopes of lifting his spirits.

MacGowan’s wife Victoria Mary Clarke took to X, formerly Twitter, on November 14 to say thanks to everyone who has been sending them support.

Clarke also thanked former Pogues bandmates Spider Stacy and Terry Woods for paying a visit.

“Love and prayers for everyone who is struggling right now,” Clarke said, sharing a picture of MacGowan in his hospital bed, adding, “hang in there!”

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has been messaging me and ⁦@ShaneMacGowan⁩ and thank you 🙏 ⁦@spiderstacy⁩ and Terry Woods for coming to visit him ❤️love and prayers for everyone who is struggling right now ❤️hang in there!

— @victoriamary (@Victoriamary) November 14, 2023

Clarke’s post on X comes just a few days after she posted a picture on Instagram of her kissing McGowan in his hospital bed.

She captioned her November 11 post in part: “But sometimes when you love very deeply you will find yourself facing terrifying fears of loss that can feel so big and devastating that you don’t know how you can survive them and you can’t imagine life without this person that you love.”

65-year-old MacGowan - his birthday is Christmas Day - has been hospitalized since the summer after an ICU stay for unknown reasons.

MacGowan last posted on X on October 4, saying he's grateful for all of the support he's been receiving.

I am grateful too and grateful to all of you always

— Shane MacGowan (@ShaneMacGowan) October 4, 2023

On November 9, The Pogues posted on X asking followers to share their memories with MacGowan to "raise his spirits."

Hey, Shane’s been laid up for weeks so let’s have some great Pogues memories from you to him and see if we can raise his spirits. Proper stories not just strings of emojis please! 😘

— The Pogues (@poguesofficial) November 9, 2023

The memories shared a common theme - warm reflections on wild times of the past.

Kevin Doherty replied: "Sitting on the plane at Heathrow waiting to fly to Belfast, heading home for Christmas. Plane full, captain comes on intercom to apologize for delay, waiting on one last passenger to board. 15 mins later on strolls Shane minus his shoes nodding to everyone as he walks down aisle!"

Andrew Watson posted: "1983 - got dragged along to see this group called Pogue Mahone at the Hope and Anchor in Islington expecting to see some sort of folk band; crawled out at the end of the night half deaf, exhausted and dripping with sweat having seen one of the best gigs ever."

Steve F recalled: "I was travelling to see The Pogues down at Brighton from London. I was running late and worried I'd miss the band take the stage. Lo amd behold Shane was in the carriage, with a table full of refreshments, wearing his Arsenal scarf. They were hardly going to start without him!"

Michael Jordan said: "Brixton Academy, Dec23rd 2001 stood right at the stage with 3 friends and a bunch of cans of Red Stripe SMcG comes on stage, strolls over, grabs a can, gives us a wink and the mayhem begins. One of the best gigs I was ever at!!!!"

Paul Hayward said: "1985, shared some pre-show drinks or 10 with the band, before the mayhem began. At one point ended up onstage singing Muirshin Durkin along with Shane, for reasons I don't remember. Well done he said...and I staggered off..."

Get well soon, Shane!