Robert Pattinson has told the Times of India that he considers himself a bore, has no girlfriend and does not want to be known as the “Sexiest person, rather as the sexiest actor.”

On the girlfriend front he stated, “I do not have any girlfriend and neither do I want one, considering the environment I am in now. I am only reading books and watching films. I am quite a boring kinda person you know. If I had a girlfriend, why would I shy away from the media glare and letting my fans know?” 

On being the sexiest man he said “Who wouldn’t like being called the sexiest person? Well, actually I don’t know whether I am sexy or not. How could I comment about myself? Ask others, I guess. I am ok with such tags as far as there is no stereotyping. But yes, I would like to rename the title to The Sexiest Actor instead of just Man. After all I am an actor first.”

Asked who his favorite actor and actress are, he named Jack Nicholson and Kristen Stewart.

“Jack Nicholson, I always wanted to be like him since my childhood. I used to try and be like him in whatever I did. I copied his accent, dressed like him. I do not envy him but yes, he was my source of inspiration I must say. Among favourite actresses, actually there are many but yes, Kristen Stewart has impressed me and the whole world, with her acting skills at such an early age.”

He also revealed how hard he trained for the “Twilight” role. “Getting in to character was the first thing I needed to do and for that physical fitness was the priority and my only concern. I remember, before “Twilight,” I never worried much about exercising my abs out, but for being Edward, I did every freaking thing possible.

Regularly for two to three months, I ran for two hours daily and had a three-hour long session of kickboxing followed by hitting the gym for some weight training and abdomen crunches. In addition, I was on a stringent diet regime too. I was just trying to lose every ounce of body fat, so when I took off my shirt, I would look like an alien.”