A number of Australian pubs are to ban the highly anticipated Mayweather-McGregor fight because of fears about the behavior of “drunken Irish backpackers” – particularly if the Irishman loses the fight.

The fight scheduled for this Saturday has been described as the “fight of the century” and extra police officers will be on duty in cities and towns across the world to cope with any disorderly behavior arising afterwards.

"#Sydney pubs to ban Mayweather-McGregor fight due to drunken Irish backpacker' fears" minority ruins it 4 majority

— Diarmuid (@DD2705) August 21, 2017

"It's primarily the high risk of antisocial and unacceptable behavior from the McGregor supporters," publican Bob Tate explained. "They are a very passionate group that wear their heart on their sleeve. The majority of long-term Irish residents are great fun and great people but problems arise with the transient backpacker Irish traveler who does not conform to our responsible service of alcohol requirements and goes way too far, then disappears into the night to travel to their next destination. History and undeniable evidence shows me the likelihood of problems during or after the event is substantial.

"Economically, unless you are an extremely big venue you just cannot sell enough food and beverage to cover costs of extra security."

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Local publicans that are going to broadcast the fight have been warned to serve any alcohol in plastic cups and to not to sell spirits in any shape or form.

Recently, Mayweather predicted that McGregor would emerge victorious from their bout but pundits are divided.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson predicted that McGregor “is going to get killed” but Ultimate Fighting Champion President Dana White hailed him as an “Irish Ali.”

H/T: Irish Independent