Pierce Brosnan will be taking on his first role as a superhero, starring as Dr. Fate in the DC Universe franchise Black Adam.

Pierce Brosnan will be working opposite Dwayne Johnson, who is producing the film alongside playing the lead role. The movie follows the story of the character Black Adam played by Johnson, who first appeared in DC Comics in the 1940s as a power-corrupt villain, and slowly became an anti-heros known for his disregard of rules.

Brosnan who was born in County Louth but grew up in Navan, County Meath before moving to London, has had an extensive acting career. He's played many characters, most notably as the secret agent James Bond, yet this will be the actor's first superhero role. The announcement has been met with fanfare, with Dwayne Johnson revealing the news on Twitter to his 15.5 million followers.

Pierce Brosnan is set to star in his first superhero role

Pierce Brosnan is set to star in his first superhero role

Brosnan will star as Dr. Fate, also known as Kent Nelson, the founding member of the superhero team the Justice Society, who gains superpowers through putting on the magical Helmet of Fate.  The character, created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman, is one of DC’s oldest characters, having first appeared in 1940’s More Fun Comics #5.

Black Adam is the second New Line/DC film following 2019’s critical and commercial hit Shazam! that followed a teenager being turned into a superhero by an ancient wizard. The two characters, Shazam and Black Adam are both arch-rivals in the DC Universe.

Dwayne Johnson recently took over Time Square in New York to announce the release date of the film:

A disruptive and unstoppable global force of a message from the man in black himself 🌍 ⬛️⚡️

BLACK ADAM is coming July 29, 2022.

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change. #BlackAdam⚡️#ManInBlack @blackadammovie pic.twitter.com/MvqadvulSR

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 28, 2021

The plot of the action-packed film has yet to be revealed, but it’s been confirmed that after the project being postponed due to COVID, filming will resume during April in Atlanta. Black Adam is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 29, 2022.