Pierce Brosnan never forgets where he came from – Navan, Co. Meath – and is using his star power in an effort to stop the removal of a wall and 22 trees near Athlumney Castle, which dates back to the 15th century.

Pierce, a committed environmentalist, is none too pleased with the move, which he heard about from his cousin Donal who lives in the area, according to the Meath Chronicle.  He wrote a letter to the local county councilor urging a re-think on the plan.

“[I’m] hearing from my dear cousin, Donal Reilly and many more who know I'm a Navan man that they want to take down the wall from St. Michaels...

"That would be a terrible assault for sure on the landscape.

"The railway, wall, the castle and the railway bridge, the cemeteries on both (sic), with their stiles are very much part of my childhood memories,” he wrote to Councilor Wayne Forde.

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"I'm not sure what help I can be from the beach at Malibu but feel free Wayne to reach out and have a chat about it all," he added.

Sounds like the letter just might help, because Forde seems pretty star struck.

"Pierce Brosnan is a very proud Navan and Meath man. Thanks so much, Pierce Brosnan. We are all very proud of you and we all love you. Pierce Brosnan -- a true gentleman,” Forde told the Chronicle.

"He wants me to ring him at least once a month and when he comes back to Ireland, Pierce wants to meet me. I'm just gobsmacked," he added.

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