You might know him as the Oscar-nominated star of "Aftersun" or the smoldering Connell from Hulu's "Normal People," but plenty of Irish folks may find themselves recognizing the Kildare lad as 'your man from the sausages ad.'

Since he sky-rocketed to fame with "Normal People" during the pandemic, Paul Mescal has become a household name and international Irish star but he first hit the TV screens in Ireland back in 2018 when he featured in an ad for Irish food company Denny's, specifically about sausages and rashers. 

The advert follows Mescal who's inspired to travel the world after Denny's breakfast and inspiring tales from his family about the Denny family. He quickly lowers his expectations from Bali... to Ballyhaunis. 

The ad was well received and recently Mescal spoke to BBC Radio 4 about the experience and how he ended up eating 15 sausages while on set. 

As part of the advert, Mescal eats sausages with his family. The Kildare actor told the BBC "I didn’t know that you’re not supposed to eat them all. They come around with a bucket that you’re supposed to spit them into, and that just felt rude to me.

"But I’ve learned my lesson that it’s better to do that than have to eat 15 sausages in a morning, that was an experience."

While he can't have felt to happy after eating 15 sausages in a sitting he did add that he was very grateful for the opportunity which allowed him to move up in the Irish acting industry. 

"If I ever feel like I get too big for my boots, it kind of pops up somewhere that we shouldn't forget that I was promoting sausages when I got out of drama school," he told the BBC.

"I trained in drama school for three years and took it so seriously. It was like, I loved the craft of it, and then I was poor. My agent was like, 'I don't know how you'll deal with this, but we've got a sausage advert that you can go on.' I was like, absolutely. I need to pay my rent."

How amazing it is that Mescal, a BAFTA winner for his role in "Normal People" and now Oscar-nominated for the movie "Aftersun" will be rocking up to the Academy Awards come March 13.

Check out the 2018 Denny's ad starring Paul Mescal here: