Dearbhla Mescal, the proud Irish Mammy of Oscar-nominated star Paul Mescal, took to Instagram to share a cherished moment of familial joy and thank those who supported her family during their LA dream of being at the Academy Awards earlier this month.

It's been a couple of weeks now since the Oscars, and Dearbhla Mescal, mother of Best Actor nominee Paul, is still on a high.

She accompanied her A-lister son to the ceremony and after parties, and posted a lovely black and white photo on her Instagram which she says sums up the time the Mescals – Paul and herself, dad Paul Senior, sister Nell, and brother Donnacha – spent in LA.

“This photo by the most wonderful human that is @gregwilliamsphotography epitomizes the joy of our family time in LA," mammy Mescal wrote.

"I have so many to thank from @gucci for dressing us & making us feel so very special, to Lauren @cartier for helping me to sparkle, to my daughter for doing my makeup, to @felicitykay & @knightjosh for being who you are to us all & Lara, Ellie, Chris & Zack for your never-ending love, support, professionalism & care.

“Each of you made this most incredible moment in our family’s life unforgettable & a precious memory I / we will all treasure. You are a part of our family & loved dearly.”

Speaking to Variety magazine while she was in LA, Dearbhla said: "This is just an incredible moment and it's real. It's actually not fantasy, it is real."

When asked about the moment her son, Paul, announced he wanted to be an actor, she said she "trusted him."

She added: "He knew what he wanted to do and we said let's go with it.

Dearbhla will be focusing on her health in the weeks and months ahead, as she’s receiving treatment for multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow.