Patrick Kielty, the new host of RTÉ's "The Late Late Show," says that the upcoming season of the famous Irish talk show will be "loose" and "not too polished."

Kielty, 52, takes over as "The Late Late Show" host tonight, September 15, after former longtime host Ryan Tubridy stepped down earlier in May after 14 years in the role.

The Co Down native said he is aiming to enjoy his debut on Friday night and "take it all in," adding that he is excited to host the famous show. 

"I can see the pitch - it’s time to get the boots on and time to make the show," Kielty said while speaking from the brand-new "Late Late Show" set, whose new design is staying under wraps until tonight. 

Nice try @PatricKielty 🫠

First look at our new set tonight 9.35pm! #LateLate

— The Late Late Show (@RTELateLateShow) September 15, 2023

Kielty also remained tight-lipped about his guests for the opening show of the season on Friday but said he did not believe the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike would impact the upcoming season. 

"I think the brilliant thing about 'The Late Late Show' is that it's never really relied on sort of that huge stable every week," Kielty told RTÉ. 

"For us, I think it's very different. I think that The Late Late Show covers entertainment, it also covers sport, lifestyle, and lots of different things.

"So, I can see how that would have affected a show like Graham [The Graham Norton Show] a lot more." 

The Down comedian added that he is "chuffed" with his guests for Friday night's show and said he wants his first season to be "a little bit loose."

"You know, I think it's kind of about having fun. If things are fun and things go wrong, I think that's kind of hopefully the tone of the show… I think there'll be ebbs and flows and hopefully something in there for everybody." 

Kielty revealed that former host Ryan Tubridy has been in touch to wish him well ahead of his debut on Friday. 

"I got a little message from Ryan wishing me good luck, which I thought was very nice." 

Kielty also said he admired legendary former host Gay Byrne and his style of interacting with the audience. 

Kielty, who first appeared on "The Late Late Show" as a guest during the Gay Byrne era, hinted that he would attempt to emulate Byrne's style. 

"It was like coming into the parlor, and I think for me, that is what this show is. There'll be different things... eclectic bits and pieces.

"[But] the main lesson that I have learned over the years from the show is we treat everybody the same. You treat everybody the same - that's what it does best and that's why it has stood the test of time.

"The one thing that I promised myself right the way through this - this week more than ever - is if you're not here to actually enjoy every little bit of this week, then what's the point in doing the job?" 

Patrick Kielty makes his debut as "The Late Late Show" host on RTÉ One at 9:35 pm BST on Friday, September 15.