The producers of "Normal People" have issued Pornhub with a takedown request after a number of the show's sex scenes ended up on the pornography video-sharing website. 

Pornhub has since removed the 22-minute compilation, according to Variety. 

However, the video is now reportedly available on a number of other pornography websites.

Ed Guiney, Executive Producer of Normal People, told Variety that the show's producers were "hugely disappointed" that the video ended up on the site. 

"It's both a violation of copyright and, more importantly, it's deeply disrespectful to the actors involved and to the wider creative team." 

Pornhub confirmed that the video had been taken down to comply with copyright law. 

Corey Price, Vice President of the pornography website, said that Pornhub will always comply with the law and remove videos that infringe on copyright. 

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"As soon as we become aware of these types of videos on our site, we have them removed," Price said. 

Illegal cuts of the hit show are circulating on other pornography websites and the producers will have to issue takedown notices to each individual website to have them removed, highlighting the size of the task at hand. 

The producers may be forced to use more severe legal actions, like seeking an injunction, if a site refuses to comply with the takedown notice. This course of action is best avoided as it is very expensive. 

It is also difficult to take down videos without spending a small fortune if they appear on illegal Eastern European websites, according to Variety. 

Normal People's revealing sex scenes have become notorious and generated some debate in Ireland. 

RTÉ, which airs the show in Ireland, has received about 50 complaints about the sex scenes, while a number of people rang into popular RTÉ radio chatshow Liveline to complain about the sex scenes. 

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