Irish American filmmaker Michael Moore has asked the Irish public to use their world famous sense of humor to “take the piss out” of United States presidential hopeful Donald Trump and also said that Britain deciding to leave the EU would be like a soccer team leaving the Premier League.

The Oscar-winning documentary maker is currently visiting Ireland to promote his new movie, “Where to Invade Next.” A lifetime Democrat Party supporter, Moore told RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, that he believes humor and satire are the best weapons at the disposal of those who object to the Republican nominee’s views.

Moore told RTE TEN, “I would ask the Irish in the weeks leading up to his visit to really think about how to use the great Irish sense of humor, satire, ridicule to take the piss out of him while he's here. You would do all of us a great service.”

Donald Trump, who owns Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in, Doonbeg, County Clare, plans to visit Ireland later this month. His trip will conicide with that of Vice President Joe Biden's.

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His new movie, “Where to Invade Next,” examines how the USA can learn from other countries, such as Finland as Finland (no homework for kids), Italy (eight weeks paid holidays), Slovenia (free third level education) and France (freshly cooked school dinners and forthright sex education).

He said he did not visit Ireland when filming because it would have been too obvious due to his Irish heritage.

“I didn't come to Ireland because Americans know me as an Irish-American and they would just think 'Oh, of course he's going to Ireland' you know? So not to be so, um, parochial about it, if that's the right word,” Moore said.

He also told RTE that his ancestry had impacted his character and he appreciates of the sense of humor he inherited.

"First of all, growing up as an Irish-American, you have a sense of humor that is a bit dark and sometimes a little warped, but very necessary in order to deal with all the darkness in the world, I think," he told TEN.

"So I think having a sense of humor comes very much from the Irish in our family and I'm appreciative of that."

Moore’s most famous works include the Oscar-winning movie “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

While in Britain, earlier this week he appeared on Pier’s Morgan’s, ITV show “Good Morning Britain”, where he compared the British people voting to leave the EU during the referendum on June 23 to being regulated to the minor leagues in soccer.

He said “Why would you want to leave Europe? You are Europe. You saved Europe. For the average American it’s like the idea we could have a vote to remove ourselves from North America or that Texas could vote to leave the US.

“Maybe the best analogy I could draw right now with the upcoming election here and your wonderful game of football is that why would you go to the polls and vote to remove yourself from the Premier League?”

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He went on, once more, to slam Donald Trump as “the definition of 21st century fascism” but admitted “he may win”.

Moore said: “He’s a great manipulator of the media. Americans like to hear over and over again ‘We’re number one’, ‘We’re the greatest’, ‘I’m going to make America great again’, ‘You’re great out there’. He just keeps saying that.

“He is the definition of 21st century fascism, but he’s also saying some other things and the way he’s going to win – and he may win – is all he’s got to do is win the traditional red states from Idaho to Georgia.”

Here’s a trailer for Moore’s upcoming movie “Where to Invade Next”: