Michael Flatley's "Blackbird" co-star Patrick Bergin has revealed that the Irish dancing legend is "doing great" after undergoing surgery for an aggressive form of cancer in January. 

Bergin told the Irish Mirror that he saw Flatley "about a month ago" after seeing his "excellent" show "Lord of the Dance."

The Irish actor added that Flatley had recently been to Budapest and described his co-star as "so spiritual."

Flatley wrote on social media in January that he was "on the mend" after undergoing surgery for an aggressive form of cancer. 

"I have been released from hospital and am on the mend," Flatley said on Instagram on January 18. 

It is unclear what type of cancer Flatley was being treated for, but the Irish dancing legend previously revealed that he underwent treatment for malignant melanoma in 2003.

"I will never forget it," he told BBC Radio 2 in 2015.

"I was in the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and the doctor called to say he had bad news, that it was a malignant melanoma." 

Flatley added that he would have been powerless to treat the cancer if he didn't act quickly. 

Bergin, meanwhile, told the Irish Mirror that he hopes there is a sequel to Flatley's self-funded "Blackbird", which was released in 2022 amid generally negative reviews. 

The film sees Flatley play a secret agent who opens a nightclub in the Caribbean before a former lover comes to visit, bringing trouble in her wake. 

Bergin said Flatley is talking about making a second film, adding that he'd love to be involved in the sequel. 

"I hope there’s a sequel because he deserves it. He’s very talented in everything he does," Bergin told the Irish Mirror. 

"He did a great job, imagine being able to direct and star in a film.

"I think he has it in him to do an even better one."