We got to asking around the office who are the ten most popular Irish Americans.

Here is what our news staffers came up with:

Maureen O’Hara:

The star of “The Quiet Man” may be 94 and counting but that does not stop millions of Irish Americans doting on her. She finally won an overdue Oscar in 2014 and remains as feisty and spirited as ever.

Tom Brady:

The four-time super bowl winning quarterback has had an incredible career that at 37 shows no sign of slacking off. His commitment to excellence and fitness could see him play well into his forties.

Liam Neeson:

The 62-year-old action star has created a tremendous second career for himself despite a huge personal loss, when his wife Natalie Richardson died in a tragic ski accident. More popular than ever with the fans, Neeson remains one of the good guys of the silver screen.

Maureen Dowd:

The New York Times columnist remains the most important columnist in America. Her pithy style and incredible wordplay has also made her the most studied in journalism schools.

Jimmy Fallon:

Since taking over the “Tonight Show” the Irish American host has charmed millions of Americans every week night and become an outstanding champion of worthy causes.

Megyn Kelly:

The Fox News host is set to become the biggest name in cable television over the next decade and will likely challenge Bill O'Reilly for title of top news anchor host. Not bad for an Irish kid from upstate new York.

Chuck Feeney:

The Irish American billionaire who gave all his money away donated over $ 1 billion to worthy cause in Ireland making him an Irish hero on both sides of the Atlantic.

Matt Harvey:

Mets star pitcher described himself as Irish and Italian in a recent interview, a real combustible mix! Set to take over from Derek Jeter as the greatest figure in New York sports.

Mary Higgins Clark:

America's most popular novelist, New York Parade Grand Marshal, and Ellis Island Medal Winner the great Higgins Clark just marches on.

John O’Keefe:

2014 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine has advanced the search for an Alzheimer’s cure by his research in how the brain uses its own GPS system. The Bronx native with Cork grandparents attended City College.