We got to taking an unofficial poll of who Irish Americans consider their top ten most popular Irish Americans. Here is what our poll came up with.

1. Liam Neeson

The 63-year-old action star has created a tremendous second career for himself despite a huge personal loss when his wife Natalie Richardson died in a tragic ski accident. More popular than ever with the fans, Neeson remains one of the good guys of the silver screen. The Irish star will be the voiceover of three-part 1916 Centenary program on PBS.

2. Tom Brady

The four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has had an incredible career and at 38-years-old he shows no sign of slacking off as he’s on his way to Super Bowl ring number five with his beloved New England Patriots. His commitment to excellence and fitness could see him play well into his 40s.

3. Saoirse Ronan

The Oscar-nominated actress is only 21 but it feels like she has been at the top forever. A brilliant performance as poor Irish emigrant from Wexford in “Brooklyn” sealed the deal.

4. Daniel Murphy

Former Mets slugger is now a National but he thrilled America with his blast of home runs in the play offs. A doughty Irish fighter who gives it everything.

5. Jimmy Fallon

Since taking over the Tonight Show the Irish American host has charmed millions of Americans every weeknight and become an outstanding champion of worthy causes… that is when he’s not cutting himself or falling over.

6. Megyn Kelly

The Fox News host has become the biggest name in cable television and was featured on a Vanity Fair cover this year. Over the next decade she will likely challenge Bill O'Reilly for title of top news anchor host. Not bad for an Irish kid from upstate New York.

7. Chuck Feeney

The billionaire who is giving all of his money away has already donated over $2 billion to worthy causes in Ireland making him an Irish hero on both sides of the Atlantic.

8. Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert had a little bit of a rocky start to his CBS Late Night spot but now he has got it down. One of the good guys who helps out numerous charities.

9. Mary Higgins Clark

America's most popular novelist, New York Parade Grand Marshal and Ellis Island Medal Winner the great Higgins Clark just marches on.

10. William Campbell

An Irish-born New Jersey-based scientist who has jointly won the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine for work against parasitic diseases.

Donegal native William Campbell and Japanese Satoshi Omura won half of the prize for discovering a new drug, avermectin, that has helped the battle against river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, as well as showing effectiveness against other parasitic diseases.

Mr Campbell was born in Ramelton, Co Donegal in 1930 and is affiliated to Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, USA.